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Deluxe Silk Protein Revital Soap

Deluxe Silk Protein Revital Soap

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Get rid of skin acne and other skin problems for a brighter and flawless skin with this Deluxe Silk Protein Revital Soap!

Made from Silk protein that is extracted from mulberry silkworm, this Silk Protein Soap contains variety of amino acids and known to effectively solves any skin problem such as acne, blemishes inflammation and more. 

Packed with skin loving vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that penetrate the surface layer of our dermis to provide much needed nourishment leaving your skin soft, elastic and brighter.


  • Natural Silk Protein. Made from Silk protein that contains a variety of amino acids that solves any skin problem such as acne, blemishes inflammation and more.

  • Anti-inflammatory Power. It has excellent anti-inflammatory property that reduce inflammation in a short period of time, improve facial paralysis and heal any skin problems.

  • VERSATILE SOAP. This skin repair soap can be used and repair skin problems in your hands, face and even in your body.

  • INSTENSIVE MOISTURIZING. The silk protein structure is porous, easy to diffuse water molecules, absorbing up to 50 times the weight of water for a powerful moisturized skin.

  • ANTI-WRINKLE PROPERTY.  Its molecular structure is similar to collagen fibers that naturally increases the elasticity of skin, prevents wrinkles, tightens skin, smooth and delicate.

  • SKIN WHITENING. Silk protein can effectively inhibit


  • Content: 60g


  • 1 x Premium Silk Protein Repair Soap

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